Home Ergonomics

Working from home is no easy feat. There are so many distractions which can disrupt your work flow. It may include taking unscheduled breaks to reorganise the pantry… For the tenth time this week, a quick trip to the shops, which turns into a few hours, it may be the kids running a muck while you are trying to get yourself sorted for the week. Working from home may mean dogs interrupting ZOOM calls, or working late at night while the rest of the family is finally asleep. But one thing we know for certain about working from home, is that in order to be productive, you need to minimise distractions.

This means that you do not want to be worrying about battling with headaches, back pain, wrist pain or uncomfortable workplace setups which can all hinder your effectiveness. This is where we come in. Ensuring that your work space is ergonomically set up has been proven to improve productivity, happiness, wellness, comfort, efficiency and quality of work. Additionally, it can help reduce your susceptibility to injury.

How Our Physiotherapists Can Help

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, we realise that more of you are working from home, whether by choice or because you’ve been directed to do so. But we don’t want you to suffer additional discomfort during this time. Therefore we are now offering online home ergonomic consultations.

Working from home

These consultations will be conducted by our experienced physiotherapists who have undergone training to assess and correct work stations tailored to individual needs.

What Will An Online Ergonomic Assessment Involve?

As with our standard office-based ergonomic assessment, we will look at:

  • Seat type and height
  • Computer and screen setup
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • The phone/printer/etc. position
  • Other factors such as desk, shelves, lighting etc.

The Ergonomic Assessment includes:

  • Detailed observations and questioning about past injuries, aches, pain or other symptoms as well as the daily duties of the employee
  • Changes are made on the spot where possible using what is available in the office or home
  • Recommendations for necessary equipment purchases if applicable
  • If any additional or other equipment is recommended, to optimise the ergonomic assessment, that isn’t available in the house, we will direct you to suitable options on where you can purchase them

Virtual Assessment

  • Our Virtual Online Ergonomic assessment is priced at $80.00 + GST.
  • This virtual ergonomic assessment is a 20-minute appointment where, with the assistance of a household member (partner, sibling, child or housemate) to hold the phone camera where our qualified Physiotherapist will talk the employee through the assessment and give direction on how to modify and improve their current setup on the spot so the employee can benefit from the changes immediately.
  • Ensuring it is customised for their height, job demands and required equipment. Not included in this assessment but available on request is a comprehensive report which can be supplied at a further 20-minute consulation cost of $80.00 + GST.


We realise that an engineer, designer and switchboard operators all have different needs and ensure that all our solutions are tailored to your needs.