Office Posture

The best posture is your next posture, which means adding in movement to your day is always going to be the healthiest option for you. For periods where you need to be sat at a desk for a while, keep these points in mind.

  • Have your mouse as close to you as possible
  • Take a break every half an hour to avoid repetitive strain injuries, and try to focus your eyes on something distant to avoid eye strain
  • When talking on the telephone, do not hold the phone with your head and shoulders
  • If you get neck or back pain, headaches, shoulder or arm pains see a Physiotherapist to get the right treatment and advice


At Central City Physiotherapy we can help you avoid injuries and be more comfortable and efficient at the work station. Our trained Physiotherapists can visit you in your workspace to make sure that yours and your colleagues set ups are correct for your height and body shape. We can also make recommendations on safer and healthier work settings. Call us on 9421 1733 to discuss this option for your office or send an e-mail to

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