Lighten the educational load!

group of excited kids with hands up

On a daily basis, your child may lug more than five kilograms to and from school in their backpack. This concerns our practice as there is a connection between loads carried and reports of unhealthy spinal symptoms including low back, shoulder and neck pain.

By getting your child to see one of our physiotherapists for a check up, we can determine whether your child’s spine is healthy and suggest actions such as flexibility and muscle control to help maximise their spinal health.

To keep your child’s spine in good health use the following tips in addition to speaking to one of our physiotherapists.

Tip 1 – Choose the right backpack that….

  • Fits the body comfortably
  • Doesn’t extend above the shoulders when seated
  • Has shoulder straps that are broad, well padded and adjustable
  • Has straps attached to the top of the pack at separate points
  • Has a waist strap to keep the load in place when moving
  • Has separate compartments to allow heavy items to be packed close to the body
  • Is padded where it touches your back, and made of firm material to prevent the load from sagging backwards

Tip 2 – Pack smart

  • Lighten loads-don’t carry too many heavy books on the same day
  • Plan ahead ¬ don’t carry lots of equipment at the same time, like sports gear, musical instruments or art materials
  • Pack the heaviest items, such as a lap top, ¬closest to the body and the lighter, softer items further out

Tip 3 – Carry smart

  • When packed, make sure the backpack doesn’t sag or pull backwards. Use both shoulder straps when wearing the backpack
  • Use the backpack’s waist strap to keep the load in place when walking or cycling
  • Don’t carry the backpack for too long, take breaks and put it down

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