Most people would have heard the term hydrotherapy being used at some stage- it is often used incorrectly by salespeople trying to sell spas with amazing therapeutic benefits. The term hydrotherapy actually means performing specially prescribed exercises with the problem body part being submerged in heated water.

Physiotherapists are specialists trained in exercise prescription and the appropriate techniques to use in water rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is beneficial for those needing to build up muscles that are very weak or those muscles that are difficult to specifically exercise because of their stabilising role-such as lower abdominal and back muscles.

People who suffer with arthritic joints will also benefit from hydrotherapy. Exercising in water supports the majority of your body weight. Special hydrotherapy pools are also heated to a minimum temperature so as to gain maximal therapeutic effects.


At Central City Physiotherapy our therapists are experienced in hydrotherapy and will be able to provide you with a program and ideas for exercising in the pool. They may also recommend a course of Clinical Pilates as another low impact method of exercising or rehabilitation.

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