The Importance of Ergonomics

Ergonomics assessments in Perth

Let our team of specialised physiotherapists assist you to:

Quality of work
Comfort at work
Work station efficiency
Employee happiness & wellness

Upper back & neck pain

Ergonomics assessments assist in improving work stations for your staff

Our experienced ergonomics trained physiotherapists come to you, assess and correct each work station to suit the individual and the type of work undertaken.

The ergonomic assessment includes detailed observations and questioning about pain and duties for each person. Changes are made on the spot where possible using what is available in the office and recommendations on buying other tools or equipment is made if deemed necessary. We look at the seat type and height relative to the person’s size and shape and the types of work performed, the computer and screen, keyboard and mouse, the phone position, windows, filing system, shelves etc . Nothing is overlooked as each person will need a personalised set up depending on their height, shape, handedness and especially the type of work they do. A typist, a switchboard operator and programmer will have very different ergonomic set up criteria even if they were the same height.


  • We are impartial and do not sell equipment but will happily assist you in finding what you need through your preferred supplier.
  • We advise each individual on ways to help themselves stay well as well as giving them stretching or exercise cards depending on their needs.
  • We produce a detailed ergonomics report, highlighting improvements that have been made as well as recommendations for future management.
  • Our ergonomics services are not restricted to offices but can be very helpful in any scenario including assembly line workers, truck drivers, security services, warehouses, factories etc.

Please ask us about our manual handling training in Perth if your staff perform any lifting as part of their duties.

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