Ergonomic Assessments in Perth CBD

Ergonomic assessments, also referred to as workstation assessments, ensure that an employee’s workstation is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity. At Central City Physiotherapy, we’re proud to offer ergonomic assessments to help improve your health at work.

How We Help

Our experienced ergonomics trained physiotherapists come to you, assess and correct each workstation to suit the individual and the type of work undertaken. Nothing is overlooked, as each person will need a personalised set up depending on their height, shape, handedness and especially the type of work they do.

We look at the following equipment and make adjustments to fit each employee, including:

  • Seat type and height
  • The computer and screen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • The phone position

We’ll also examine other factors including desk position, windows, filing systems, shelves, and more.

An ergonomic assessment with our team includes:

  • Detailed observations and questioning about past injuries, aches, pain or other symptoms as well as the daily duties for each person.
  • Changes are made on the spot where possible using what is available in the office.
  • Recommendations on buying other tools or equipment are made if deemed necessary.

A confidential, comprehensive report for each individual employee is produced noting any changes made as well as any recommendations suggested by our Physiotherapist. The time spent with each employee may vary, according to their individual situation. We’re happy to offer brief assessments designed to ensure correct workstation set-up. These checklist-based assessments are a cost effective way of preventing any injury, pain or discomfort for an individual or groups of employees.

Where an individual is already experiencing pain or discomfort, or has an injury or disability, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure they can work safely and comfortably. The assessment helps employers to meet their duty of care with a formal report provided following the assessment.

Schedule An Ergonomic Assessment

We’d love to help yourself or your employees experience better health in the workplace, leading to improved efficiency. Contact our practice today to learn more and to schedule an assessment. We look forward to working with you.

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