Cricket is one of the most popular summer sports in Western Australia played by men and women of all ages. Although at times Cricket may not appear as one of the most active sports it is accountable for a large percentage of the injuries from all summer sports. This is because the demands on the body from playing cricket are extremely varied as players are required to bat, bowl and field at various times throughout the game. Cricket is also played with a hard ball which also contributes to many of the injuries seen from the cricket field.

Your Back and Bowling

The most common injury from cricket is lower back strain from bowling. This is because bowling is very repetitive and places considerable stress through the lower back as a result of the technique required to bowl the ball effectively and with speed. Teenagers are more prone to lower back strains from bowling as their bodies are continuing to grow and are therefore more likely to develop stress fractures. Therefore it is important that they are not over bowled during training or games and they seek physiotherapy advice as early as possible if they notice any signs of lower back pain.


All the top international cricket teams have a full time physiotherapist touring with them because they understand the importance of having a physiotherapist for early diagnosis and treatment of cricket injuries. Early intervention can help prevent players from missing games due to injuries and keep them performing at their peak. Physiotherapists also have a great understanding of biomechanics which helps with early diagnosis and effective rehabilitation from cricket injuries. It also allows a physiotherapist to recognise possible causes of overuse injuries through analysis of bowling or batting technique.

At Central City Physiotherapy we treat the injuries and work with you to minimise the chance of a recurrence. Also visit our stretching page for preventative stretches to do before and or after the game. Contact us for an appointment if you have an injury or e-mail us if you have questions.

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