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How can Neuro-Linguistic Programming help you?

Bass Tadros
Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming also known as NLP techniques you can make faster and more effective changes in your life as it allows you to understand how you encode your internal representations which are your thoughts and feelings. With the use of NLP you can change those feelings and thoughts that you have about certain habits and strategies.

Take back control of your life by eliminating negative habits and installing positive strategies.

NLP allows you to reprogram your thinking for positive results, bounce back from everyday challenges, remove the negative chatter and create a winning attitude. It is extremely effective in business as it allows you to understand and communicate on the same level as the person you are communicating with (staff and clients).

It is a must for sales people as it teaches advanced rapport building and communication skills so that you can understand how your client is processing information and how you can relay that to them in a language that they understand and feel comfortable with thus building more rapport.

With NLP you can learn how to elicit people’s strategies, motivation strategies and decision-making strategies.

You can use NLP techniques to enhance your communication and therefore your relationship with your clients and staff enabling greater opportunities. It’s about understanding the mind and modelling excellence. Installing models of excellence through NLP is an invaluable tool for creating positive change in any area of your life.

Understand how your mind works and how you can improve all areas of your life using these simple and effective tools.

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I would love to help you be the best you can be, if it is to help you with:

Refreshing Sleep

Sleep is important part of optimal health, are you finding you haven’t been sleeping well? Did you know Hypnotherapy can really clear that up slowing down the busyness of the mind.

Overcome Addictions or Poor Habits

Are you ready to give up a habit or addiction for good?
Hypnotherapy can be a great solution and help you establish a new healthy habit or overcome that addiction easily and effortlessly.

Lose Weight where dieting failed

The body tends to store weight in all kinds of places, what if you could just tell yourself that it’s time to let it go now and no need to keep holding on. Hypnotherapy does this via your subconscious mind.

Managing stress

In an ever busy life we tend to have so much to think about, worry about and stress out about. What if there is a way you can switch that all off for a little while to have a much needed break. It’s like a vacation for the mind to rest and refresh and whilst you do that we can always set new strategies for better stress management.

Achieving more

There is a part in each human being that seeks more, more life, more love, more money, more time and so on. What if you can set realistic achievable goals without over stretching yourself. It’s absolutely possible.

Better control your Life and Feelings

Time to understand your feelings in order to better manage them and have more confidence in what your doing with your life.

Confidence comes from practicing and managing your feelings, I specialise in helping people master their emotions to better master their life.

Complementary Session

It’s possible and achievable come see me for a completely complementary 20 minute session.

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