Meet Alisha Bajerai

(BSc Physiotherapy, Physiotherapist)

Please note Alisha is currently on maternity leave

Alisha BajeraiHi, I’m Alisha

I’m here to help you achieve your dreams! Many things can stop you- be it a niggly knee, a sore shoulder or a bothersome back.  I can help make sure those don’t stop you in the long run.

What can you expect when you come in?

I take your detailed history and piece it together to make sense of your unique story. No one person has the same body.

I then take you through a unique plan, starting with restoring your movement using hands on treatment. I will also get you breathing well- to ensure your rib cage moves well. I then take you through a progression of exercises that specifically target the true problem.

You will build up towards the activity you’re told me you love- running, sports, gardening- whatever you love to do! And I will get you there for the long run.

Additionally, since having my 2 sons, I’ve also developed a passion in helping with the pelvic floor and any continence issues, following the same detailed method, but specific to women’s health. To see a full list of what I can help with for your pelvic floor, click here.

I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

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