Adrian Maziarz
Adrian Maziarz

Adrian Maziarz

MSc Physiotherapy
Dip Remedial Massage

Adrian brings his global knowledge and experience to Perth from his home town of Krakow, Poland. He has been working professionally since 2009 after he earned his Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy, from the University of Physical Education, where he also wrote a PhD on the effects of massage. Adrian also completed a semester of Sports Therapy in England at the University College Birmingham (Erasmus Program).

In the past 5 years Adrian has worked with the first league volleyball team, was running his massage and rehabilitation business and treating athletes and the general public. Since moving to Perth in 2014 Adrian has worked as a sports massage therapist for local clinics (treating netball and hockey players from West Coast Fever and Hokeyroos as well as general public). Later he become a therapist for Cirque Du Soleil during their Perth shows and in late 2016 he received Australian Physiotherapist Registration and joined the Central City Health Professionals team.

Adrian offers not only Physiotherapy Appointments, but also Physio-Massage sessions for our clients. Combining his extensive knowledge of both modalities into one successful treatment. His specialties include: deep tissue massage techniques, sports injuries, postural problems, soft tissue mobilizations, trigger points therapy, muscle energy techniques.

Adrian enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and squash. He is interested in cinematography, music and travelling.

Tarryn Labuschagne (nee Ebden)

B Sci (physiotherapy)
Senior Physiotherapist – Special Interest in Dizziness

Tarryn studied physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth. She began her physiotherapy career at Royal Perth Hospital, where her special interest in Vestibular disorders and the management of acute dizziness and vertigo began.

Tarryn has been a physiotherapist in the Perth cbd for over 8 years. Tarryn has furthered her education in the area of Vestibular Physiotherapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation and in particular Cervical/Spinal Dizziness.

She has worked very successfully over the past 8 years with clients diagnosed with BPPV, Vestibular Neuritis and Labyrinthitis, Post-surgical Vestibular clients, Vestibular Migraines, Cervical Headaches and Cervical Dizziness. These include clients who may have had unsuccessful management in the past and are looking for an alternative approach.

Tarryn uses a variety of treatment techniques depending on the client’s presentation. They include Canalith Repositioning Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Spinal/Postural assessment, Dry Needling, Spinal mobilization and manipulation and Clinical Pilates.

Note: Tarryn Labuschagne, our Headaches/Dizziness expert cannot be booked online. Please contact reception on 9421 1733 to organise an appointment

Alisha Bajerai

BSc Physiotherapy

Alisha graduated from Curtin University in 2010 and over the years has developed a keen interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.  She successfully ran her own practice in Kuala Lumpur where she focused on varying conditions such as spinal, knee and shoulder pain.  In Australia, she started using clinical Pilates as an adjunct to rehabilitation exercise and manual therapy.  
After the birth of her son, Alisha developed a keen interest in Women’s Health and began physiotherapy for pre and post-natal conditions.
Alisha focusses on the following specific conditions:  pelvic floor weakness, bladder and bowel control, pelvic organ prolapse, exercise in high risk pregnancy and gestational diabetes, lower back and pelvic pain, wrist pain, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, mastitis and blocked milk ducts.
She also provides pre-natal exercise classes and Pilates, exercise after birth to regain function and return to sports and help with rectus diastasis.

Alison Murray

MSc Physiotherapy
BSc (Hons) Kinesiology

Alison achieved her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Prior to this, she graduated with a BSc Kinesiology (exercise physiology) from the University of Waterloo. Before moving to Australia, she worked in a sports medicine clinic where she treated both competitive and recreational athletes, as well as every day aches and pains.

Since treating in Perth Alison has found her interests lie around headache and migraine issues and is working to become an expert in this field.

Alison Murray has attended the 3 day Watson Headache:®: Institute.
Where the diagnostic accuracy of the Watson Headache:®: Approach is unparalleled. It can confirm if disorders in the upper neck are responsible for headache or migraine and determine the exact nature of the disorder as well as which spinal joints are involved. There is no guesswork and no cracking or manipulation. Its unique and powerful feature involves temporary reproduction and resolution (easing) of usual head pain.

For further information, go to:

James Beckett

MSc. Physiotherapy
MSc. Sports and Exercise Science

James completed a Master of Physiotherapy in Perth. Prior to this James graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science with Honours in Exercise Physiology from the University of Western Australia. Prior to becoming a physiotherapist James has worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach with both elite and semi-elite athletes and obtained a Master of Science in this field.

James enjoys treating a wide variety of acute and chronic injuries with a special interest in sports injuries. James brings to the practice a wealth of knowledge in exercise physiology and exercise prescription. James likes to draw on this background to incorporate functional rehabilitation programs as part of patient treatment to ensure a timely and safe return to both sport and work.

James also combines his passion for cycling and his clinical expertise to provide a bicycle fitting service to promote better cycling ergonomics to cycle more efficiently and faster as well as provide injury prevention and treatment for cyclists from recreational to elite.

Outside the practice James enjoys participating in a wide variety of sports including swimming, cycling, boxing, running and resistance training.

Victoria Marmion

B.Sci (Physio)

Victoria completed her physiotherapy degree at Curtin University in Perth.

She began her physiotherapy career in private practice seeing a wide variety of patients, gaining experience particularly in treating neck and back pain as well as a range of sporting injuries.

Victoria has been trained in the use of dry needling which she combines with the appropriate manual therapy and specific exercises to treat the underlying cause of the problem and thus help prevent future episodes.

She has also trained in teaching DMA clinical pilates which can be very beneficial for people suffering from neck and back pain due to poor posture, as well as those looking to improve their strength and control to enhance their sporting performance and prevent injuries.

Merci Greenaway

B. Physiotherapy (Hons)

Merci graduated with honours from the University of Notre Dame Australia.

She has received multiple awards including The Brooks Sport Award for excellence in Biomechanics in Rehabilitation. Merci was also recognised for academic excellence and outstanding commitment to volunteer work when she received the prestigious Elizabeth Henley Endeavour Award in 2012.

After graduating, Merci was awarded a Visiting Scholar position at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland USA. There she undertook cardiovascular research focusing on myocarditis (an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle).

Since commencing clinical practice, Merci has treated a variety of patients with an emphasis on treating back and neck pain. She has been trained in dry needling which she uses to treat a variety of conditions.

Outside of work, Merci enjoys basketball, skateboarding and art.

Rhiannon Lewis

BSc Physiotherapy (Hons)
Senior Physiotherapist.

Rhiannon Studied Physiotherapy at Brunel University, West London UK and qualified in 2004.

She gained experience working in the NHS where she cemented her interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy by working as a senior in a specialist rotation including out-patients orthopaedics and rehabilitation. Rhiannon left the UK in 2008 to pursue one of her passions of travelling which led her to work in private practice in New Zealand.

There she gained experience in return to work rehabilitation, assessment and programme implementation, post operative return to sports programmes and pilates.

Since coming to Australia 4 years ago, Rhiannon has been a physio in the Perth CBD and has developed a keen interest in muscle imbalance and movement dysfunction. She has completed her DMA clinical pilates units and enjoys implementing this into her treatment management. She enjoys working with people to work out the course of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. She has a keen interest in ergonomic work station set-ups and work related injuries and has completed a complex course on spinal manual therapy. She also enjoys assessing and treating complex shoulder pain.

Rhiannon has a keen interest in sport she has played netball, soccer and rowed in New Zealand at a competitive level. She enjoys the outdoors and fitness.

Salem Domiati

B. App. Sci. Physio. (Hons)
Grad Dip Physio. Sports
Practice Principal

Salem graduated with honours from the University of South Australia in 1991. He has worked in Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth as well as in the UK. He completed his postgraduate diploma in Sports physiotherapy at Curtin University of Technology in 1995. As the most senior clinician in the clinic, Salem spends most of his time teaching and mentoring his staff and often gets involved with offering second opinions with difficult to treat conditions.

Salem’s special interests are complicated neck and back problems and sports injuries. Salem says to his patients “I like to team up with you to help you fix your injuries or pains. I like to get everyone involved in fixing their body and not just rely on my work and that is how I get good results and work on preventing recurrences of injuries.”

Salem is very keen for everyone in the practice to be involved in continual education and upgrading their skills. He likes to run regular sessions with his staff to make sure they are all offering the most useful and current approaches to treatment.