Functional rehabilitation involves the use of stretching, strengthening, agility, balance and body awareness exercises in order to treat the underlying cause of pain and injury.

Each program is specific to the individual and incorporates daily tasks, activities and sports specific movements which the patient wishes to return to.


A typical example would be a patient with back pain. In the early stages post-injury, treatment is often focused on the area of pain. However, once the pain has subsided underlying issues such as tight or weak muscles, altered posture and movement patterns remain and may predispose the patient to repeated injury and suboptimal recovery.

The basis of a functional rehabilitation program is a thorough assessment that will identify any of the above issues as well as determine the demands of the patient’s work and/or sport. To take the example further lets presume the patient wished to return to playing golf. Exercises within the program would ensure that the back is able to function optimally at rest and during the golf swing whilst also improving aspects of the golf swing such as fluidity, efficiency of movement and power.

Functional rehabilitation ensures a lasting return to both work and sport. The functional rehabilitation program on offer at Central City Physiotherapy is designed to be an effective, timely and cost efficient means of obtaining lasting results and returning to the things you’d rather be doing!


Our classes are run by James Beckett. He completed a Master of Exercise & Health Science prior to obtaining his Physiotherapy degree. James has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for both elite and semi-elite athletes across a variety of sports including Australian Rules Football, Cricket and Basketball. James now enjoys using these skills to help patients achieve lasting solutions to injury.