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Do I need a referral from my GP?

A formal referral from your GP is not necessary, whilst many patients are referred to Central City Physiotherapy by Doctors the majority of our patients self-refer and recommend each other.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

All of our physiotherapy services may be rebateable under your private health insurance, ancillary cover.
However, please remember that rebates and services covered vary between insurers and insurance policies. we recommend that you check your individual policy regarding the amount you receive per treatment.

We are part of the HiCaps network, which allows you to instantly claim you private health insurance rebate and only pay the gap when you attend for treatment.

E-mail will be returned within an hour during the week. This service is not available weekends. For urgent appointments and on weekends please call 9421 1733. We are open Monday to Saturday.

Participating Health Funds